Ugandan military confirms the death of Four soldiers and killing 22 insurgents

After Somalia’s Al-shabaab militant group attacked African Union base in Lower Shabele, Ugandan army spokesman Brig. Richard karemire confirmed that the insurgents killed four of African Union peacekeepers in Somalia.


Another four we injured and 22 attackers were killed while the rest were repelled he told the local media.


Lowe Shabele government officials told Media that Al-shabaab stormed AMISOM base using two suicide car bombs and heavy gunfire.


Al-shabaab Their side claims losing 14 fighters.


Abdi Aziz Abu Musab, operations spokesman of Al-shabaab confirmed the death of 14 Al-shabaab fighters.


More than 59 African Union troops we killed, he added.


There was no civilian casualties reported.

Nagala Soo Xiriir

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